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                                    PLEATED SHADESPleated Shades are a fashionable and affordable window treatment option, whether as a stand-alone treatment or accompanied by a drapery. They feature decorative fabrics in permanent, accordion-like pleats that are crisp and stylish. Like cellular (honeycomb) shades, they also lift and lower with the use of a single pull cord, or you can choose our popular cordless or motorized option. Beautiful woven fabrics brings out the color intensity and material texture. Pleated shade fabrics are available in various opacities, from sheer, to light filtering, to room darkening.• Pleated shades have appealing designer options, with many premium fabrics from which to choose• Greater range of textures, designs and prints• They stack very tightly when raised, maximizing view• Available in 1 inch and 2 inch pleat sizes• Great for covering skylights, arches, angles, and curves• Variety of control options available (top down/bottom up, cordless,• motorized, etc.)• Great choice for interior French doors in providing privacy and style – fabric shows the same color on both sidesPLEATED SHADE FEATURES: 
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